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Izzy Sanabria endorses SPAHA Gallery

Izzy Sanabria one of the most influential figures in Salsa has endorsed the SPAHA Gallery. Sanabria is known as "Mr. Salsa" because he almost single-handedly popularized the term "Salsa" (during the 1970s) which the world now recognizes as the name for New York’s Latin Music.

His bold colorful posters plastered throughout the walls of New York documented and immortalized Salsa’s (subculture) events in much the same way Lautrec’s posters immortalized the Moulin Rouge in Paris. Izzy's album cover designs and illustrations also set new standards of quality in Latin music packaging and provided the world with its first visual imagery of Salsa.

Sanabria is a multi-talented artist who regards the world as his canvas. Besides being an artist, writer, actor, dancer, photographer, publisher, philosopher and visionary, he is also a versatile stand-up comedian. Sanabria’s brand of bi-lingual humor have made him one of the community’s favorite master of ceremonies.

SPAHA Salsa Gallery is proud to receive the endorsement of Izzy Sanabria.

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