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Adalberto Santiago celebrates 82nd Birthday

This past Tuesday, April 23rd the SPAHA Salsa Gallery had the privilege of hosting a birthday celebration for Salsa Legend, Adalberto Santiago. With an impressive career that spans 63 years Aldaberto has worked with some of the great names in Salsa like Willie Rosario, Willie Rodriguez, Roberto Roena among others. Some of his hits include "Quitate La Mascara" and "Alma con Alma".

While still active in the music business, Adalberto currently serves as Director of the museum for the SPAHA Salsa Gallery which is why President of the board, Johnny Cruz opened the doors for a celebration of Santiago's 82nd birthday celebration this past Tuesday (April 23rd).

The event made for a memorable evening in which prominent members of the community and members of of boards of directors got together to celebrate and toast the life, career and legacy of Adalberto Santiago.

We here at SPAHA Salsa Gallery's website would like Adalberto a very Happy Birthday.

Check out a full gallery of the event right [here]

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